Total Foot Health Opening Times

As we all know looking after our feet is really important in order to help us enjoy life and be as mobile as possible.  We are really pleased to announce we have been able to organise an extended clinic with Total Foot Health opening times to include Thursday evening to complement our Tuesday evening clinic.  We hope this helps give more options to our wonderful patients.

We have also been able to free up space on the ground floor allowing us to offer more podiatry appointments on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  We will soon be starting the process of looking for our next podiatrist and you can be assured that the person we choose will share our core values of empathy and respect and will be keen to further their career by working as a team player at Total Foot Health.

In addition we have been able to relocate the therapy treatments to the second floor, which will again give us more space and ability to offer excellent rehabilitation care. Look out for more information on the second floor changes over the coming months.

From Thursday 1 June 2017 we are extending our PODIATRY clinic times to 7.00 pm.  We hope this will prove helpful to our patients.


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