Injection under Ultrasound Guidance

What is Injection Under Ultrasound Guidance?

The most common injection is that of steroid (cortisone) which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory medicine.

We would use this to break the cycle of pain and inflammation that we often see in the foot as it is very difficult to rest an injured area completely.

Using ultrasound guidance enables us to ensure that we are treating the exact structure which is affected.

Why do I need to have an Injection Under Ultrasound Guidance?

There are certain problems which respond very well to this

  • Painful joints, such as hallux rigidus or metatarsalgia secondary to hallux valgus
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Painful nerve conditions, such as Morton’s neuroma
  • Painful bursitis, often associated with other deformities
  • Painful trigger points such as nerve pain following an ankle sprain
  • Painful tendonitis
Ultrasound of foot

How do you give an Injection Under Ultrasound Guidance?

If we are injecting the heel, we will always give you a local anaesthetic first. This is not necessary for all problems. We will do this in our clinic, under sterile conditions.

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