Toenail Reconstruction (Wilde-Pedique)

What is Wilde-Pedique?

Wilde Pedique is a very strong, elastic gel which sets when exposed to light. It has been developed especially for cosmetically correcting and restoring damaged toe nails.

Why do I need Wilde Pedique Treatment?

Wilde Pedique is a great option for you if you have out of shape nails which you would like to disguise, or a split nail which needs holding together whilst it grows out.
Nails before and after reconstruction

How is Wilde Pedique Performed?

This is applied as an acrylic gel which we set under an ultraviolet light. It is very comfortable to have and will provide instant results.

Application of Wilde Pedique

When can it be used?

If there is some nail left for it to be adhered to, even if it is only a small area across the base of the nail bed, Wilde Pedique can be used to build a false nail.

It can be used to hide fungal nails, as long as the nail is not too crumbly.

It is also great for split nails because it adheres strongly to the nail and hold its together while the nail re-grows.

What does it Look like?

It looks very similar to a normal nail, and you can cut it.

Can I paint it with Nail Varnish?

Yes, an advantage of Wilde Pedique is that it can be painted with nail varnish in the same way as a natural nail.

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