podiatry-david-owens-2Podiatry is the term now being used when talking about foot care in the UK and is rapidly replacing the well-known term – chiropody.

Having good foot health is an often overlooked part of keeping the whole of us fit and healthy.  Walking comfortably is a vital part of overall health; indeed when risk factors for most chronic diseases are looked at walking is usually the number one thing to do to reduce the impact of that disease on the body. From arthritis pain to heart disease and from diabetes to mental health issues, walking is your friend.

The effects of foot troubles have been well recognised for many years – a famous toast of the cavalry in the Napoleonic wars was “Long corns and short shoes to our enemy!” A suitably graphic and painful wish to our foes!

Many foot problems give rise to painful skin lesions like corns and calluses, as well as nail problems such as fungal infections and ingrown toenails. These will often be the first sign of more generalised problems such as arthritis or diabetes, as well as being the result of structural problems of the feet. It is therefore vitally important that anyone treating what may seem like a simple problem firstly understands the reason behind your particular trouble.

Podiatry The podiatrists at Total Foot Health will always take a detailed medical and personal history, as well as conducting a thorough foot health examination, before attempting to treat the presenting problem. The diagnosis is all important as we can then work with you to find the best solution for either curing the problem or minimising its impact upon your daily living.

Remember that good foot health is just a few steps away at Total Foot Health; contact us now to discuss your own foot care needs. We will be delighted to help.

Out and About with Total Foot Health
When not treating patients at Total Foot Health, our team regularly works with local businesses and organisations to promote foot health and podiatry in the community – click to find out more.

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