Nail care and toenail cutting

What is Nail Care and Toenail Cutting?

Nailcare and Toenail Cutting are simple techniques which help to promote good foot health.
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Why is Nail Care and Toenail Cutting important?

By looking after our feet and cutting our toe nails correctly we are able to reduce the likelihood of developing ingrowing toenails and athlete’s foot and catch other conditions, such as fungal nail infections, early.
Toenail cutting treatment

How can you provide Nail Care and Toenail Cutting?

There are a number of simple things that we can all do to promote healthy feet, good nail care and toenail cutting.

  • Careful daily washing of your feet with a mild soap and warm water, ensuring that you wash and dry carefully between the toes, will help prevent cracked skin and athlete’s foot.
  • Moisturise your feet with a moisturising foot cream following washing to nourish and protect the skin.
  • Check your feet for signs of damage or underlying problems such as corns, callous, skin spits, nail problems or foot infections. Foot pain is not normal and you do not need to suffer. Our podiatrists at Total Foot Health will have the answer and be able to get you mobile and pain free quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed and avoid sharp, rough edges. Using a good file is invaluable. You should trim your nails across the toe, following the slight curve of the end of the toe. You should avoid the temptation to delve deeply into the sides of the nail because this could cause infections or ingrowing nail problems.

If you are struggling to cut your nails or have awkward or very thick nails then let us know. Our specialist team have the clinical equipment and experience to deal with the problem for you.

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