Rehabilitation (Pre and Post Op and Sports)

What is Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Pre and Post-Operative rehabilitation is the assessment of the body to identify mechanical function in order to address underlying causes to your condition and provide treatment to aid full recovery.
Lower back rehabilitation treatment

Why should I seek help from Total Foot Health for Rehabilitation Treatment (Pre or Post-operative)?

At Total Foot Health our multi-disciplinary team are able to help resolve underlying alignment and functionality of joints to aid long term recovery and to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

‘A Patients Story’

“I was living with constant pain in my hip and was advised that I required an operation to resolve it. Whilst waiting for my operation date I came to Total Foot Health to see if there as anything they could do to make me more comfortable. After my initial assessment I was pleased to learn the cause of my problem, rather than just the symptoms, was due to a muscular imbalance. The rehabilitation specialist treated me using joint mobilisation and muscle activation which had tremendous results.

Following my treatment at Total Foot Health I am now back to my normal activities, including playing tennis, and avoided the need to have an operation too. Brilliant.”

Hip rehabilitation treatment

How do you provide Rehabilitation (Pre and Post-operative)?

We provide Rehabilitation (Pre and Post-operative) by fully assessing the nature of your condition, conducting a thorough mechanical assessment including Video Gait Analysis to fully test your range of movement of joints, muscles and nerves. We will then work with you to affect your recovery and return you to your normal activities.

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