What are Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the study of movement and the application of the laws of physics on movement. This is type of assessment is also sometimes referred to as Musculoskeletal assessment. At our practice all podiatrists are trained to understand the biomechanical function of the foot.
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Why are Biomechanics important?

Biomechanics are important because knowledge of this underpins all podiatric medicine and as such is fundamental to our ability to diagnose your foot problems.
Diagnostic of a foot

How do Biomechanics inform diagnosis??

Biomechanics informs diagnosis by allowing us to understand how your body is functioning. Where there are areas which need intervention, we can prescribe a course of treatment aimed at improving these areas. The treatment is likely to involve prescription of orthotics which help to improve the function of the feet, along with specific exercises to help strengthen and/or stretch specific muscles. Depending on your diagnosis, there are other treatments options which may also be advised such as Shockwave therapy, manual therapy and ultrasound guided steroid injections.

By using biomechanics we are able to diagnose the specific problems and provide the most appropriate course of treatment.

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