Corns, Callous & Cracked Heels

What are Corns, Callous and Cracked Heels?

Corns and Callouses are thick, hardened layers of hard skin on specific areas of the foot. Contrary to popular belief, corns do not have a root.

Cracked Heels are the result of dry and thickened skin, sometimes with callouses around the edge of the heel. Sometimes cracked heels can be painful but not always.

Cracked heel before treatment
A cracked heel before treatment
Cracked heel after treatment
A cracked heel after treatment

Why have I developed Corns, Callous and Cracked Heels?

Corns and Callouses or hard skin on the feet is caused by increased pressure on specific areas resulting in the development of hard skin on the foot. They are often accompanied by underlying conditions such as hallux valgus (Bunion) or hammer toe deformity.
Cracked Heels are most commonly caused by a lack of moisture in the skin of the foot and by also by wearing open footwear such as sandals in the summer as well as ill-fitting shoes. A mixture of dryness and pressure results in the skin becoming fragile which results in the cracked heels.

How can you treat Corns, Callous and Cracked Heels?

When you attend our clinic the causes of your corns, callus or cracked heels will be discussed with you following a full examination of your feet. Treatment in clinic together with some simple self-help measures will often result in a marked improvement of your symptoms. For more persistent corns and callus further intervention may be required.

If the hard skin and corns are caused by increased pressure in certain areas and/or compromised foot biomechanics we will advise that you have custom orthotics made. These will help to improve foot function and reduce the build-up of callous and corns, keeping you comfortable for longer.

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