Morton’s Neuroma

What is a Morton’s Neuroma?

A Morton’s Neuroma is essentially an intermittently trapped nerve in the foot where it becomes enlarged due to the irritation to the nerve tissue. It can stop you in your tracks and is the only condition to make people take their shoes off!

A patient’s story

“I have had a very strange pain in my foot that no one seems to be able to diagnose. The problem is whenever I see somebody the pain seems to have gone. The pain only really occurs when I am walking, but it is never predictable. One day I can be in agony the next, whilst doing exactly the same things, perfectly pain free. It is really hard to say where the pain is, but it is somewhere around my toes and the ball of my foot. Do you know what? I have even had to take my shoe off in the middle of the supermarket and wiggle my toes, which gives me some relief for a short time.
When I get home and look at my foot it is entirely normal and I cannot reproduce the pain by pressing on the spot where I think it was.”

Diagnosing Morton's Neuroma

Why have I developed a Morton’s Neuroma?

A Morton’s Neuroma develops as a result of compression/irritation of the nerve. It is often associated with bunions.
Diagram showing Morton's Neuroma

How do you treat a Morton’s Neuroma?

To treat a Morton’s Neuroma, we will need to ascertain why you developed it. Treatment may involve footwear advice, orthotics and steroid injection under ultrasound guidance.

This will give you relief of the discomfort and the ability to do what you love again.

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