At Total Foot Health we want to help you solve your foot, ankle and mobility problems.

We know only too well that foot, ankle and leg problems can stop you from enjoying the lifestyle that you want and deserve. We already look after people from all over Wiltshire and the south of England; whether they need podiatry care for skin and nail problems, or Diabetes, or are suffering plantar fasciitis and foot or leg pain, or whether they are high demand sports or other activity participants looking to improve performance or prevent sports injury. We are there for them and will be for you.

From your first contact with us at Total Foot Health, through to your visit to our purpose designed clinic in Salisbury city centre, our friendly and helpful team will help you to experience outstanding care and attention to detail, for nail and skin careorthotic prescription and computerised video gait analysis we have the experts to help you. We believe that every day lower limb pain and discomfort can be avoided with the right help and advice from our highly trained and professional team of podiatrists and other clinicians.

Your foot, ankle and leg problems are as individual as you are so we promise to not only treat you with dignity and respect, but to fully assess your problem – from plantar fasciitis, to fungal infection or ingrown toe nails and foot deformity; design and implement a treatment plan for you that will give you the optimum results, getting you back to pain free activity as quickly as possible.

Have a browse through our site to get more information about us and our extensive range of podiatric and sport specific services. If you are not quite sure which service will suit you best then please talk to our friendly and knowledgeable reception team who can help you make the right choice, getting you quickly on the fast track to comfort and recovery.

You may even find services that you think a friend or relative will benefit from, if so do send them on our details, we promise to look after them just as well. Remember, at Total Foot Health we are with you every step of the way.

Thank you for taking the time to find us. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.


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Swift Verrucae Treatment

Total Foot Health has invested in the Swift microwave therapy machine for the treatment of verrucae and warts. It is a new treatment designed to use microwaves which heat up the infected tissue, break the barrier around the verrucae and allow the body’s immune system to fight off the viral infection.


Podiatry is the term now being used when talking about foot care in the UK and is rapidly replacing the well-known term – chiropody. Having good foot health is an often overlooked part of keeping the whole of us fit and healthy. Find out more about Podiatry.

Functional Rehabilitation

If you are serious about your activities and want to achieve maximum function then an assessment with Chris Ball may well be just what you are looking for. Cyclists, runners and triathletes may benefit from treatment and advice on how to improve within their chosen sport. Find out more about Functional Movement.

Sports Injury

Help for sports enthusiasts in the Salisbury area from Total Foot Health. With our Video Gait Analysis suite and increased computer aided diagnosis we can now offer all enthusiasts a state-of-the-art suite for sports injuries. If you are injured whilst playing sport you not only wish to recover quickly, but need to ensure that you can go back and still play at your highest level.

Keep up the good work! Testimonial
The Total Foot Health newsletter is excellent. Wilde Pedique is a great solution for nasty toenails, plus Allum & Sidaway cleaning an item of jewellery if they are one of your patients. With Christmas just around the corner I am sure purchasing a gift voucher would make someone’s Xmas hint, hint! Take care and keep up the good work you all do at Total Foot.

Mrs D Testimonial
Elizabeth – thank you for your reassurance, kindness and sympathy.  I feel completely reassured – again.  Highly recommended.

Mr S Testimonial
… my left foot is totally pain free and not a single trace of the HORRID, PAINFUL, ANNOYING verruca!!! I can walk, run and best of all have a good nights sleep without any pain. Thanks to you I enjoyed my holiday knowing I could do all the normal everyday activities. A HUGE THANK YOU for everything you have done, and also to Teresa for advice and explaining in detail what my options were (I opted for acid treatment). All in all a fantastic centre, great staff and wonderful service.

Advice from people you can trust
Professional and friendly
Experts in their field
The very best in foot care
Specially designed consulting rooms
Modern and progressive practice
+ So much more!

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