Therapeutic Warm Wax Treatment

What is a Warm Wax Treatment?

This is a very relaxing treatment using foot massage followed by gentle painting of the warm wax over your feet. It is a 45-minute session and it is ideal for patients with:

Arthritis                                  Cold Feet

Dry Skin                                  Fibromyalgia

Sore Muscles                          Stiff Joints

It may also be used to help relaxation by being pampered.

Foot Massage
Wax treatment
Warm Wax treatment

Why do I need a Warm Wax Treatment?

If you have any of the problems above, or if you would just like a relaxing therapeutic massage then this maybe the appointment for you.

How is the treatment performed?

This is a relaxing treatment where we have low lighting with gentle, calming music which allows you to switch off and enjoy your time with us.

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