Sports Injury

What do we mean by Functional Movement and Sports Injury?

Functional Movement and Sports Injury relate to our bodies ability to move correctly with proper joint and muscle movement which is pain free. When pain or injury occurs, it could be through biomechanical/musculoskeletal issues or through injury and trauma, both physical and psychological, caused by sporting activities; or any repetitive action including walking or simply jogging. Apart from obvious injury caused through a specific sporting activity, you could also be suffering from trauma such as pain in the foot, calf, knee, hip or lower back. In some instances, the trauma you are experiencing could be the symptom or secondary to the actual cause itself. All of these are things our specialist team are able to treat for you.
Sports injury treatment to shoulder

Why should I seek help from Total Foot Health for Functional Movement or Sports Injuries?

At Total Foot Health our multi-disciplinary team are able to fully assess your needs and explore not only the nature of the injury itself but also the functional cause too. By doing this we are able to provide treatment to resolve the symptoms and help you recover more quickly but also work with you to prevent further reoccurrence where possible too. Additionally, by coming to a multidisciplinary practice we are able to draw on specific expertise from across the team meaning that, wherever possible, you won’t have to be referred elsewhere too.
Sports injury treatment to elbow

How do you treat Functional Movement and Sports Injuries?

We treat Functional Movement and Sports Injuries by fully assessing the nature of your condition, conducting a thorough mechanical assessment including Video Gait Analysis to fully help identify your range of movement of joints, muscles and nerves. We will then work with you to affect your recovery. With athletes we find that, not only do many return to full fitness more quickly but they are often more ‘functional’ and a better athlete than before!

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