Thick, discoloured toenails

What are Thick, Discoloured Toenails?

Thick, Discoloured Toenails are often a sign that you may have a toenail fungus. This happens when the fungus that is normally in your toenails, overgrows. Conditions such as psoriasis and diabetes may also cause thick nails to develop. They may also be thickened due to damage to the nail bed (nail matrix).

Discoloured toenail

Why have I developed Thick, Discoloured Toenails?

A type of fungal infection called onychomycosis is one of the most common causes of thick nails. Fungal infections thrive in warm and moist environments and often grow in toenails for this reason and can spread to the nail bed causing discolouration.

Thick toenails may go unnoticed initially but as they develop you may notice that they:

  • become brittle and break or crack easily
  • give off an odour from the nail
  • come away from the nail-bed
  • become painful
  • begin to look yellow, green or brown.

How can you treat Thick and Discoloured Toenails?

Our team of podiatrists will fully assess your foot and recommend a clear treatment plan to have you walking pain free and with confidence. We can even provide nail reconstruction where necessary too.

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