Video Gait Analysis

What is Video Gait Analysis?

Video Gait Analysis is an important part of the assessment process of the whole body’s movement patterns when you have dysfunction and discomfort in your feet and lower limbs. We ask you to walk (and run if you are a runner) on the treadmill and we video your whole body from the side back and front. This allows us to understand how your body moves, and we can see the areas which are not functioning as they should. This includes your shoulders, arms, hips, knees and feet which should be roughly symmetrical and the movement fluid. Where there are mal-alignments, such as knock knees, dropping hips, dropped shoulders, this will have an effect on other parts of the body.
Woman walking on treadmill

Why do I need Video Gait Analysis?

If, when you walk or run, you have pain in your feet, ankles or lower limb, it is essential that we are able to assess your body’s movement pattern. The biomechanics of one area of the body is linked to the next, forming a chain of interconnected movement patterns. This helps us to understand why you have developed the pain, and what to prescribe to help you to move pain free. This is likely to involve a combination of interventions, custom orthotics and rehabilitation exercises.
Usage of Video Gait Analysis

How do you use Video Gait Analysis to diagnose my condition?

We use the video to analyse your gait in slow motion. This is an important tool which we use as part of our examination of your feet/ankles/legs along with our examination when you are sitting and standing. We use this to inform us of the cause of your problem and how to treat it.

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