Medical Pedicure

What is a Medical Pedicure?

A Medical Pedicure is a combination of podiatry, where we are able to provide a basic podiatry treatment, and in addition we provide a lovely pampering service.

Treating foot via pedicure
Nailcare via pedicure

Why would I have a Medical Pedicure?

If you have hard skin or small corns which you would like treated as well as nail care, and you would love to have a relaxing therapy at the same appointment.

This would leave you feeling comfortable and at peace with life.


By combining the skills of our podiatrists with the enjoyment of a pedicure we are able to make your feet look and feel luxurious. The Medi Pedi offers:

Medi Pedi

  • Reduce Callouses and small corns
  • Cut and shape nails
  • Remove nail polish
  • Cleanse and prepare feet
  • Skin care treatment
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Nail cleansing
  • Nail Polish (Surface sealing or nail polish)

* Patients need to ensure Shellac is removed prior to treatment
We allow 1 hour for this treatment

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