What is a Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment?

A Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment involves the careful examination of the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons, as well as your posture and your functional movement.

This process is fundamental to diagnosing your foot problems.

Why is a Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment important?

A Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment is important because it enables us to identify how your body is moving, how this is impacting on other parts of your body and how we can address this to prevent further injury and discomfort.
Diagnostic of heel via a scanning machine

How do you perform a Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment?

A Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment looks at the body in three ways:

  • Lying on a couch: Through this we can develop an understanding of the symmetry, muscle function and joint range of movement.
  • Standing: We look at your overall posture viewing the body from all sides as well as reviewing the natural position of your foot in relation to the floor. We will ask you to perform some simple tests, such as standing on tip-toe
  • Walking: Here we review your basic gait; this may be supplemented by video gait analysis.

Using a combination of these methods, supported by the use of ultrasound where necessary, we are able to diagnose the specific problems and provide the most appropriate course of treatment.

Woman walking on a treadmill
Assessment of foot
Model Skeleton

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