Sports Performance

What do we mean by Sports Performance?

To enhance Sports Performance, we are looking at how the body currently performs to identify ways we can improve body movement to be the best it can be. Additionally, Sports Performance also looks at injury prevention so that you can maintain your training and strive to reach your performance goals.
Strength exercising of knees

Why should I seek help from Total Foot Health for Sports Performance?

Through understanding the needs of your sport, our specialist is able to work with you, individually, to tailor intervention which will enable your body to perform at its best within your chosen discipline. We have a track record of effecting positive change and incremental gains.
Strength exercising

How can Total Foot Health improve my Sports Performance?

We will perform a full assessment, looking at your musculoskeletal and mechanical movement in relation to the mechanics required within your chosen sport. Following your initial assessment, we will work with you, one-to-one, to increase every element required to perform your sport at your best.

A Patient’s Story

“I am a runner; I participate in Park Runs and half marathons. I came to Total Foot Health suffering from foot pain, probably as a result of my training. Not only did my initial assessment reveal the cause of my foot pain but also that I had tight hips and inactive glutes, all of which was impeding my running performance and competition times. Once my hip mobility had increased, my foot pain improved and I began work on my sports performance. After just three months of treatment I had a significant increase in hip range of motion and active glutes. More importantly and measurable, my stride length has increased by 20cm per stride resulting in a 3-minute gain over a 10K run.”

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