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Foot Creams

All of our specialist foot creams have urea as the active ingredient. Studies have shown that it is very effective at re-hydrating dry skin when used daily. We sell creams with different concentrations depending on your needs. Your podiatrist will advise which is the best cream for you.

Flexitol - Moisturising foot cream

Moisturising Foot Cream

10% Urea
Flexitol - Heel balm

Heel Balm

25% Urea
Flexitol - Platinum heel balm

Platinum heel balm

30% Urea
Flexitol - Hard skin and callous balm

Flexitol Hard Skin and Callous Balm

This is another urea-based cream which we recommend for some skin conditions which need a little extra help.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Curanail lacquer


This is a medicated nail lacquer with Amorolfine as its active ingredient. This is effective in treating superficial fungal nail infections.
Canespro fungal nail treatment set


This is used for more widespread Fungal Nail infections. It contains 40% Urea which softens and loosens the nail, which enables removal of the infected area of the nail.
*Should only be used on the advice of your podiatrist
Sealtight - Waterproof cast/bandage protector

Seal Tight

This is a waterproof cast and bandage protector which allows you to shower when you have a cast/bandage on your leg which must not get wet. A great invention!

Long handled shoe horn

Long Handled Shoe Horn

If you struggle when putting your shoes on, this is a great help

Athlete’s Foot Treatment

Lamisil cream

Lamisil Cream

Studies have shown that the active ingredient in this cream, Terbinafine, is the most effective treatment for fungal skin infections such as Athlete’s Foot. (Only Licensed for over 16’s)
Bamboo socks

Bamboo Socks

These made of a soft, breathable fabric ideal for sensitive skin, with the added benefit of antifungal properties. They also help to reduce foot odour.

Hard skin files

Hard Skin Files

Certain skin conditions mean that hard skin will continue to form on the foot. Treatment for this includes regular use of a hard skin file, and these designs are particularly effective and easy to use.

Dr Remedy nail care

Dr Remedy Enriched Nail Care Collection

The special blend of ingredients, which includes Vitamins A and E, can help to minimise the appearance of dry nails and hydrate the cuticles.
It comes in many luxurious nail colours.

Dr Remedy - Hydration nail treatment

Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment

This is a nail conditioner which contains Biotin and Pentavitin. These help to improve nail strength and retain moisture. Great as a base coat.

Nail polish remover

Remedy remover

This is an acetone free polish remover which does not dry the nails.

Gift Vouchers

General Gift Voucher

General Gift Voucher

MediPedi Gift Voucher

Medical Pedicure Voucher

Premium MediPedi Gift Voucher

Premium Medical Pedicure Voucher

Therapeutic Warm Wax treatment

Warm Wax treatment

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