Diabetic Foot Care

What is Diabetic Foot Care?

Diabetes can lead to a restricted blood supply to the feet resulting in cold, painful feet.

It is the restricted supply of blood which can result in feet being slow to heal and can quickly become infected.

Diagnostic of foot

Why do I need Diabetic Foot Care?

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage in the feet and legs resulting in a loss of sensation. Any trauma or injury to the foot, for example a tight shoe causing a blister, may not be felt and could lead to more serious problems such as an ulcer.

Diabetic foot care

How can you manage Diabetic foot Care?

Regular appointments with one of our podiatrists will ensure your feet are given the best possible care. We will ensure that your nails are cut correctly as well as ensuring that any corns, callus (hard skin on the feet) or cracked skin is attended to correctly. You should not attempt to cut corns an callous yourself or use ‘corn remedies’.

During your appointment with our podiatrist you will be advised on what level of risk category you fall in. You will then be given appropriate advice on how to keep your feet healthy.

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