First visit. Absolutely first rate efficiency. Appointment at 11 and ended at 11:30, absolutely no waiting around. Great courtesy from the podiatrist, and even a parking space free outside! I was most impressed.

If your feet could speak, what would they say?

Please choose hope… 
While we do offer the very latest treatments available for stubborn verrucae, corns, calluses, and ingrown toenails…

Unfortunately, there is never a 100% success rate guarantee. This is mainly due to how our bodies react to the different treatments used, and we always highlight this information before commencing any kind of therapy.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” – Christopher Reeve
If you are one of the low minorities that either hasn’t been considered suitable for any of our available therapies or that hasn’t responded well to treatment – we would like to hear from you as there may be an alternative approach through minor surgery that we can offer.

Surgery will only be offered if other less invasive procedures have not been successful or have been considered inappropriate. To make an appointment to assess your suitability for this surgical procedure, please call us on 01722 340057 for more information. Keep your feet happy.


To Jane Stockdale who was delighted to be the winner of our 15 year anniversary celebratory footcare hamper.

Her lucky winning ticket was drawnfrom over 1900 entries!
Total Foot Health would like to thank everyone for their interest in and support of our 15 year anniversary initiatives.


Justine Ganadi (1)
What goes on in a new patient podiatry assessment and Total Foot Health’s promise to you.
(An honest review)

As anyone who has recently tried to make an appointment with us will know, we have been extremely busy as of late.

Whilst some credit must go to our first place ‘Business Excellence Award 2023’ which is testament to our professionalism and outstanding service, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge and WELCOME all our new patients that have come to us after the sudden closure of their previous provider.  We look forward to fostering a long and happy relationship with you and your feet.
And we certainly haven’t forgotten our existing patients! In order to keep up with demand we now have our fabulous new podiatrist, Callum, who is already proving to be quite a hit with everyone he treats.

As will have already been explained to you, your initial appointment is UP TO 45 minutes long and is very much a podiatry appointment which means that we assess and, whenever possible, treat your feet.  Please note that we cannot guarantee treatment and some issues will require additional visits, but these will be discussed during your appointment time.

The reason that we insist upon a longer first appointment is that it is extremely important that we take a detailed medical history as this could affect how we treat you.  To this end, it is useful if you could bring a list of all medication that you regularly take as well as any current medical issues.  We then typically see our patients for regular 30-minute follow up appointments thereafter.

All our Podiatrists are qualified HCPC registered clinicians but their credentials don’t stop there.  We provide and fund their ongoing professional development as well as investing time and money in ensuring that all our top of the range equipment is up to date and our air-conditioned premises are well maintained. This means that you really are getting the best possible care.

So, if you haven’t already taken your first steps to join Salisbury’s most comprehensive and award-winning, first-class podiatry clinic, we recommend that you call us today on 01722 340057 to book your initial assessment.

Your feet will thank you.

Meet Callum, our new podiatrist

I am really excited to be joining Total Foot Health as a Podiatrist.

After working as a professional chef, I decided to change career and to become a podiatrist. I studied at Southampton University to obtain my podiatry degree and was fortunate to have my final placement at Total Foot Health which is why some of you may have already seen me in clinic.

Since successfully completing my degree, I took a couple of months to travel in Europe, the middle east and the far east before returning to start my career at Total Foot Health.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic soon.



Skin responds to repeated pressure, friction or irritation by thickening as a form of protection.  This is called a callus and can typically be found on bony pressure points such as the soles of your feet or the sides of your toes. The thickened skin may be less sensitive to touch than the skin around it, but calluses can still be uncomfortable.
Image Source: Wikimedia
corn is also an area of thickened skin but, due to their cone shape, they have a central core that can cause pain and discomfort if it presses on a nerve.

Reasons why our feet form calluses and corns include:


  • Abnormal gait that causes excessive pressure on certain areas
  • Poor bone alignment
  • Foot deformities such as bunions, flat feet and high arches
  • Toe deformities such as hammertoes
  • In appropriate footwear
  • Steel-toe boots
  • Wearing shoes without socks
Unfortunately, there are some people that are more prone to forming calluses and corns simply due to their skin type.  In addition, the loss of subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) is a natural symptom of aging which means that elderly patients also tend to be more at risk of developing these painful conditions.
There are some home remedies that may help and these include keeping your feet well moisturised as well as wearing good-fitting shoes and socks.  We sell a wide range of both foot cream and socks at Total Foot Health.

In some cases, patients may benefit from orthotics, please ask your podiatrist for more information.

Whilst these preventative measures can help, we do not recommend that you ever attempt to remove a corn yourself.  This should only ever be done by a trained professional in clinical conditions.

If you have not been able to relieve the discomfort caused by your calluses and corns, let the professionals do it for you.  Call us on 01722 340057 to make an appointment or book online at