“My second visit to TFH with another running injury was once again met with a very thorough and careful examination. The doctors always know exactly what they are talking about, and the delightful gentleman I saw today had answers to all my questions and explained the MRI results in depth. Hopefully, my problem (stress fracture) will resolve itself, but I was given very good advice about prevention in the future. I would always recommend TFH, and I have done so previously. Thank you again.”

If your feet could speak, what would they say?


Don’t put up with uncomfortable verrucae

Not only can verrucae be unsightly and uncomfortable, they are also extremely infectious.

This is of particular concern during the summer months when we have a tendency to go barefoot or share footwear.

Clinical trials have shown that Swift Microwave Treatment for stubborn verrucae has an impressive 80% success rate.  Furthermore, it is a quick and easy treatment that doesn’t involve the need for dressings or time off for recovery.



Our Swift all-inclusive Treatment package consists of 3 x Swift treatments and 2 x follow up appointments.

Call us on 01722 340057 to find out how you can book your appointment to access our Swift Treatment for stubborn verrucae.


We are proud to be stockists of the Australian physiotherapist designed ‘Archies Arch Support Flip Flops’. One of the best orthopaedic support flip flops available.

Pop into our clinic at 31 Brown Street, Salisbury to see the full range on display.



Justine Ganadi (1)

Archies Arch Support Flip Flops – Are they as super comfy as they claim? 
(An honest review)

You will often hear podiatrists urge their patients to buy quality, well-fitting shoes with arch support, but rarely will they encourage the use nor sing the praises of the humble flip flop.  So perhaps you are surprised to learn that Total Foot Health are now proud stockists of Archies Arch Support Flip Flops.


Perhaps, like me, you have seen their colourful posters and witty advertisements making bold declaration of supreme comfort?

As a fan of this popular summer footwear, my interest was certainly piqued so I was first in line to buy myself a pair.

They look great and come in a variety of stylish colours, but I would say that they do err on the small side so would recommend that you size up if you are in between sizes.  They were extremely comfortable when I tried them on for the first time and I was excited about taking them for a proper ‘spin’.

As I was walking around outside, I quickly realised that my tendency to occasionally stumble, (particularly while wearing loose fitting footwear), wasn’t there. I also became aware of the arch support which initially felt like a bunched-up sock sticking to the inner side of my foot.  It certainly wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was noticeable.  

As a dedicated wearer of flip flops, it was second nature to wear them for the majority of the day.  The snug fit meant I could wear them for all my usual activities from shopping to gardening and everything in between.  I did feel as if the straps were rubbing a bit by the end of the day, but a quick stretch of each side soon had them feeling comfortable once again.

As I slipped my feet into my Archies the next day, I noticed that I no longer felt irked by the arch support – if anything I felt encouraged by its presence.  The rest of the day passed both without incident or second thought to my new stylish flip flops.

I would absolutely recommend Archies Arch Support Flip Flops for short term use, but would encourage anyone with serious foot issues to speak to their podiatrist first. 

Pop into our clinic at 31 Brown Street, Salisbury to see our extensive range.  If we haven’t got the size or colour that you want, we would be happy to order them in.



What are orthotics?

Orthotics refers to the branch of medicine that is associated with the design and use of artificial devices that assist with the musculoskeletal system.  Most typically these are shoe or heel inserts.

What are orthotics used for?

Orthotics are primarily used to aid seamless movement and realign all the structures of the lower limbs in both adults and children.  They work by:

  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Increasing stability
  • Providing arch support

Some of the most common conditions that benefit from orthotics include:

How do they work?

Orthotics reduce the stress and strain on your feet by bringing your body back into proper alignment by redirecting and reducing certain motions that take place in your gait cycle. 

Where can I buy orthotics?

Here at Total Foot Health we sell both quality ‘off the shelf’ and ‘custom made’ orthotic packages which include the fitting of the devices and follow up appointment(s).  Our podiatrists can offer advice regarding the best type of orthotic for your condition(s).

Get back on your feet and do the things you love… Pain free – call 01722 340057 for more information.


After a longer than normal winter/spring, it is especially nice to see the sun again.  Like many people, we are delighted to ditch the heavy-duty boots and slip into some light weight and cooler footwear such as Archies support flip flops (available to purchase from Total Foot Health). 

As your feet emerge from the forced hibernation, they might benefit from some professional help to get them ready warmer months.

Whether it is a general tidy up or there is a specific foot related issue that needs attention, we do it all and are just a phone call away.  Our clinical team are all highly trained to offer the full range of podiatry services, whether

removing hard skin / corn and tidying up nails or treating other conditions such as ingrown toe nails, fungal nail infections or verrucae – everything you need to have the best looking feet possible this summer.

Please call us on 01722 340057 or visit our website at to book an appointment NOW to avoid disappointment.

Please also remember that we operate a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, you may be subject to a £20 cancellation fee.