We know you are serious about your sport, fitness and activities and would like to achieve maximum function, prevent and recover from injury in the quickest time possible.  The Performance Centre for Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes, linking intimately to the video gait analysis suite, will be just what you are looking for. You do not however need to be an elite athlete, or indeed a runner or cyclist, to benefit from our treatments as the principles are applicable to all of us.  

The concept of the Performance Centre at Total Foot Health has been created by ex-international gymnast and professional cyclist Chris Ball. Throughout his career Chris has recognised that being a better athlete does not happen by chance; just as he gained huge value from a diverse range of professionals in his career he realises that with appropriate help many of us, from recreational sports people to elite athletes, can improve performance with the right assessment and help.

Functional MovementBy working with the team to assess movement patterns and function, Chris is able to work with the individual to improve the overall dynamic function of the body. The use of cranio-sacral therapy, neural release techniques and functional neurology allows the muscles that control our movement and gait to work in a more balanced and efficient way. Quite simply a muscle will only work if a nerve ‘allows’ it to and modern lifestyle inhibits this normal neural pathway. By releasing the nerves and improving communication within the system the muscles can function well. These therapies are combined with strengthening and stretching techniques that are performed between visits to ensure the best possible balance between stabilisation and flexibility.

As a specialism functional neurology is very new to the UK and it is therefore worth a quick explanation as to how it can help people get back the vigour in their lives. Firstly it is not painful and is a completely hands on, safe treatment. The fundamental process is to gently manipulate the nerve pathways of the body. The result is to improve control and function of movement and body activities; as it is the nerve system that relays all commands sent from the brain to the tissues.

The advantage of this approach, over more traditional programmes, is that there is a much more rapid response to treatment and rehabilitation of the injured part, allowing you to return to the activity you love!

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