Product of the Month – Loceryl

Loceryl Fungal Nail Treatment

Loceryl Fungal Nail TreatmentFungal nail infections can often cause the nail to become discoloured (yellow, brown or white) and crumbly.

Loceryl is a topical medicated nail lacquer used to treat mild fungal infections (where only the upper half or sides of the nail are affected).  The active substance in Loceryl is amorolfine, which belongs to a group of medicines known as antifungals. The affected nail is treated by filing the nail and applying the Loceryl lacquer once a week. Toenails grow slowly and so it may take a few months before you start to see an improvement. It is important to continue to apply the Loceryl once a week for 9 to12 months or until the infection has grown out completely.

If more than half of your nail is affected, it is advisable to see a Podiatrist to discuss your treatment options.

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