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A Patient’s Experience with Clearanail Treatment

Clearanail is a completely safe and painless procedure which makes tiny holes (0.4mm) into the nail plate. These holes allow the treatment solution to reach the fungus easily killing the infection and allowing the nail to recover. We have so far treated over 20 patients with this new treatment, with excellent results! When asked why they wanted the Clearanail treatment, one patient replied:  “I had a long standing infection going back probably some 40 years … I never wanted anyone to see my feet, I was very embarrassed by them.” Like most patients, they had tried treating the fungal nails with paint on lacquers for years with no success.

Fungal nail treatment

Following the simple Clearanail treatment course, the patient is very pleased with the results stating: “There is a big improvement … my nails are now at a stage where I would wear sandals with no socks during the summer.”