New Swift Verruca Treatment

Swift verrucae treatment

Swift verrucae treatmentOne of the conditions that we see a lot of in clinic is the verruca or plantar wart. This often painful condition is highly infectious spreading easily on the foot and from one person to the next. It often causes a great deal of embarrassment to sufferers and we still see, particularly youngsters, barred from sports activities.

Traditional treatments have involved using acids applied to the skin, which then have to be kept dry between each visit and can prove difficult for our patients. In response to this we have invested in new technology – the aptly named Swift. This uses microwave technology to stimulate the body’s immune system to attack the lesion.

Here are some useful facts to understand verrucae:

  • The plural of verruca is verrucae – from Latin derives from wart or high point or hill!
  • The condition is caused by a virus and it is this that makes it highly contagious.
  • The virus can survive for a time in warm and moist environments making changing rooms the ideal place to pick up the infection.
  • Try using flip flops in communal changing areas as a way of preventing spread.
  • It is best to treat the verruca quickly with over the counter creams from your pharmacist in the first instance.
  • If this does not clear the lesion after six weeks it is time to contact us at the clinic to look at the other options.

Keep your verruca at bay, the Total Foot Health way.

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