City Break Foot

As the spring approaches many of us will be heading off to some of the beautiful cities of Europe for the City break. This intense two or three days of sightseeing and over indulgence will play havoc with any New Year diet, but the change of scene and culture will be a real pick me up.

One word of caution – all that walking, particularly on cobbles, may make you prone to City break foot. This condition is fundamentally an overuse of the foot – often occurring under the ball, due to prolonged activity on hard, sometimes uneven, surfaces. It is characterised by initially a bruised feeling that just will not go away, even after the weekend has long since passed. This is one patient’s story:

“I was sightseeing in Europe and really enjoying myself. As I was in the city I thought it best to wear smarter shoes – thin soles and slip on. On the first day I was tired, but suffered no ill effect.

The second day however was a different story, after a morning sightseeing and doing a lot of walking I noticed a dull pain under my left foot. I thought stopping for lunch would help, but it got so bad that I had to get a taxi back to the hotel and put my foot in cold water. It really hurt when I pressed the sore area so it spoilt the evening and the next day had to be curtailed.

When I came home the pain stayed with me and after a week I came to see Total Foot Health. They took an ultrasound scan which showed that I had damaged the soft tissues under the ball of the foot (a bursitis) which was aggravated every time I stepped onto the foot!

Fortunately the team were able to sort me out with an injection and orthotics. I now follow their advice to avoid City break foot to great effect.”

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