We use foot orthotics to help us treat and prevent foot, ankle and leg pain. There are many reasons and causes for this pain; as such the most important element of treating the problem will be to obtain an accurate diagnosis and an understanding of the exact nature of your pain and their underlying causes. At Total Foot Health we have a range of clinical specialists, diagnostic tools and analysis equipment to help us get our diagnosis. Once the root cause of a problem has been identified then and only then can an effective treatment plan can be devised for you.

Orthoses are specially deORTHOSES WEBSITEsigned insoles that will change the way your foot works by redirecting harmful forces through the gait cycle. Just as we are all individuals so each patient will require a different approach and prescription to help solve their problem. The foot acts as a foundation for the body above it and orthoses are used not only to treat foot pain, but to help problems throughout the lower limb and spine.

Based on the clinical findings and the prescription we will have a choice of orthoses including prescription only, off-the-shelf orthotics through to custom-made devices that will fit you and only you. We will discuss the best options for you and explain how we would expect them to work for your problem.

When we fit orthoses we may well need to undertake a further gait analysis to assess their effectiveness and there may be a necessity to undertake soft tissue or joint mobilisations to help your foot adapt to a new position.mobilisation3

We will review you at, usually, six weeks and at six months to check on fit and function as well as undertake any further foot mobilisations that are necessary. The orthotics themselves may need adjusting over time as your body adapts to its new working position.

Our prescription, made-to-measure orthoses are manufactured from laser scans of the foot which is exceptionally accurate and speedy. There are a range of devices available to suit your particular needs. It should be noted that, particularly for sports people, patients may be advised to have different types of orthoses for different activities and footwear. We will discuss this with you during your consultations.

Orthoses in Nepal“A well travelled patient of TFH has found his orthoses invaluable – this photo was taken whilst trekking in Nepal at a height of 4,800 metres – his knee pains have also improved with their use.”

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