Injection under guidanceMany problems that our patient’s suffer with can often be helped by injection of medicines to the affected part. In the past this had to be done ‘blind’ with the practitioner using their extensive knowledge of the area to place the needle in an appropriate position. The issue is, of course, we could never be 100% sure that the injection was appropriately placed into the target site.

At Total Foot Health we have now been able to solve this problem with the introduction of our diagnostic ultrasound machine. As well as using it to look inside the foot and ankle and identify damaged tissues we can use it to guide a needle directly to the place it is required. This is done in real time with patient feedback, often under local anaesthetic. During the procedure we can also record pictures to form a part of the medical record.

The most common medicine that we use is a steroid (cortisone) to control inflammation. In the past this had a poor reputation as, not infrequently, it would be injected into the wrong tissues either creating a problem in that area or alternatively not helping the original problem. The great thing with a guided injection is that we know 100% that the medicine is in the right place and therefore if a procedure does not solve the problem we know that repeating it will still not work.

Guided injections are often used to treat problems that have failed to respond to other forms of treatment. It is important to remember that whilst the injection can be fantastic in solving the immediate pain if the original cause of that problem is not addressed with appropriate care, such as orthotics or rehabilitation therapy, there is a reasonable chance it will return.

At Total Foot Health we will work as a team to ensure that you get the best possible care for your problem. Our aim will be to get you back to your normal daily activities without pain and limitation.

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