How to avoid ‘City break foot’ – and still enjoy your break!

Make sure you are used to walking – try and get some longer walks under your belt before you go away. This will allow your soft tissues to gradually adapt to being on them for long periods.

Make sure you have well fitting, cushion soled shoes that support your feet. They may not look glamorous, but neither do painful, limping feet.

It is always worth wearing good socks with shoes as these will give extra protection from blisters and impact.

If you have a tendency to corns and calluses or nail problems it is best to have these dealt with before you go away – I know you will be busy but it’s worth the effort.

We can also advise you on products to give extra support and protection that will not take up too much room in your shoes.

Finally if you do develop City break foot come in to see us as soon as possible as early treatment will pay dividends in curing the problem promptly.

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