At TFH we try very hard to make sure we get you to the right person for your foot symptoms. This is not always easy, but we do our very best to get it right first time. We are constantly training our reception team to triage on the phone, or face to face, when we have an enquiry. To help with their training our reception team sometimes sit in on an appointment to observe, with patient permission, and this visual training really helps them to understand what the clinicians do. This is the sort of question you may be asked: 

“Can you tell me what is going on with your feet?”
“Is it something you can see on your foot?”
“Do you feel it is something inside the foot?”
“Do you currently wear insoles?”

The reason we ask this type of question is to guide us on the sort of treatment you may require. For an initial assessment we ask that you bring in your normal footwear / trainers so we can check these as wear patterns tell us a lot. For an appointment with our musculoskeletal podiatrist, we also ask that you wear clothing which allows us to see the lower leg when we are filming.