Video Gait AnalysisMotion is the core of human strength, and a healthy foot is the most essential foundation for sustainable motion. We are here to ignite that power within you and to help your body stay comfortable and active.

As a dedicated team of highly trained podiatrists and rehabilitation specialists, we have engineered a customisable rehabilitation programme that will quickly and efficiently treat your pain or injury, and will keep you moving forward.

Video Gait Analysis is the art of mixing technology, innovation and teamwork to gain a thorough understanding of your body and your movement. The programme begins with a consultation, so we can get to know who you are and what you need. The next step is for us to determine how we can best help you.

Depending on your structure, abilities and pain points, we design a tailored experience for you beginning with assessment on our high-quality treadmill. Every movement along the treadmill is filmed and that information is fed through our powerful software that allows us to review reference points, to probe markers of gait and to coordinate your front, back and
side positioning. We analyse and store your footage to assess how the different parts of your body communicate with each other and to look at how different treatments will affect your bones, muscles, joints and movement efficiency.

Together, our advanced system and hands-on care enables us to prescribe the most effective solution for you, allowing you to take pride in your stride.

Video Gait Analysis and an appropriate treatment plan can help you if you suffer from:

  • Pain in your feet, ankles or legs when standing, walking or running
  • Fallen arches, bunions, corns or hammer toes
  • Bow legs or knock knees
  • Walking with your feet pointing in or out excessively
  • Uneven wear on one or both shoes
  • Poor posture

The latter points are particularly relevant to children.  There are, however, so many applications for Video Gait Analysis to help you lead a healthier and fitter life.

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  • 4 modern clinic rooms
  • High quality treadmill
  • Video Gait Analysis system (MAR)
  • Plantar pressure plate analysis system

Our Team

At Total Foot Health we have a team of highly trained Podiatrists and a Rehabilitation Therapist. Our aim is to assess and diagnose your problem and provide you with a tailored rehabilitation programme from your feet through to your spine and neck.

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