An enlightening experience where I learnt so much about my feet and how I should be looking after them. The delightful and charming Emma assessed and treated my dodgy toe all within the allotted 45 minutes – very impressed. I’m almost looking forward to my next session with her!

If your feet could speak, what would they say?


Help me hide my unsightly nail(s)

If you suffer from damaged or fungal nails and are dreading sandal season as a result, our Wilde Pedique toe nail reconstruction treatment is the answer.


Wilde Pedique is a very strong elastic gel which sets when exposed to light. 

The gel resin bonds to the surface of your existing nail and is moulded to the desired length and shape to create a natural looking nail.

As well as hiding unsightly nails, Wilde Pedique offers protection which will allow a damaged or fungal nail to safely grow out.  Furthermore, the resin contains an antimycotic agent called Piroctone Olamin which helps to treat any fungal infection.


Although temporary, your new nail is long lasting and durable.  Whilst we cannot guarantee duration due to the influence of many different factors, on average a newly constructed nail lasts between 6 to 8 weeks.  You can choose to leave your nail to grow out or opt to have it infilled.

The nail can be left to look like a natural nail or be painted to suit your requirements.  Please note that this treatment is suitable for men and women and is safe for use during pregnancy.  It is also suitable for diabetic patients or those recovering from chemotherapy.

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If your feet could speak, they would definitely say ‘Wilde Pedique’


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(Total Foot Health’s Definitive Guide to your Essential Holiday ‘Must Haves’)

Winter has gone, spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.
As we emerge, blinking in the sunlight, our minds start to gallop ahead to the thought of our summer vacation – for many, the ultimate reward after months of commuting in the dark or hiding inside to shelter from the dreadful weather.

Choosing the perfect holiday is a personal choice, but here at Total Foot Health we can help you to get your feet in tip top condition for your chosen destination.

Most of us are a bit guilty of neglecting our feet over winter.  Our top priority would be keeping them warm and dry, not soft and pretty.  Even if you have kept up your regular podiatry appointments, we highly recommend the Emtrix Foot Mask to kick start your pre-holiday foot regime.  Created with natural ingredients, this foot mask facilitates the removal of hard and dry skin as well as hydrating and moisturising your skin.   And if you haven’t kept up your regular podiatry appointments, please call us on 01722 340057 to make an appointment, or book online at  We do get very busy at this time of year so please plan ahead.

As your departure date looms, you might want to consider a medical pedicure – everything you would expect from a standard podiatry appointment (nail cutting, hard skin and corn removal) plus a massage and nail painting (though the latter can be omitted in favour of a longer massage). Your feet will be Instagram perfect for all your holiday snaps – and why not buy a bottle of your favourite Dr Remedy nail varnish to take with you?  Free from formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals, Dr Remedy’s ethical nail varnish is endorsed by the medical profession to tackle issues like dryness and discolouration.


With the UK’s largest airports now not scrapping the 100ml liquids rule until 2025, you might want to purchase one of our travel size 60ml Simply Feet foot creams to take with you.  With 10% urea, this cream will maintain your feet’s soft skin while you are away.

If you’re a frequent flier or are going long haul, we highly recommend that you wear flight socks on the plane.  The increased pressure will help to reduce swelling, fatigue and discomfort as well as improving circulation which helps to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. Please ask your podiatrist / our receptionists about our range of competitively priced flight socks.


And our summer holiday arsenal doesn’t stop there!  We are proud stockists of the Archies arch support footwear. Due to the popularity of their flip flops last summer, we now also stock their sliders which will be ideal for those who find a toe post uncomfortable. These stylish sandals come in an array of colours that not only look great but also offer orthotic support which makes them ideal for wearing around the house, garden, beach or pool.  Please note that we do not recommend Archies as a replacement for your normal orthotic footwear but instead suggest that they complement your summer wardrobe and are best suited to low impact and short walks.


So, as you can see, Total Foot Health really is a one stop shop for all your foot related holiday essentials.  Come and see us today to avoid disappointment – we have a great relationship with all our suppliers but know from previous experience that stock isn’t always guaranteed.

Buy today, don’t delay.  Be on top of your holiday shop and call us on 01722 340057




Fungal nail infections are a common ailment that is notoriously difficult to treat.  They are particularly prevalent in people whose feet are constantly warm and damp and the infection can easily spread from nail to nail (including fingernails), nail to foot and even person to person.  For that reason, it is very important not to ignore this condition.

Symptoms include:

  • Discoloured nails (fungal infections typically start at the sides of the nail and can be white, black, yellow or green)
  • Thick, crumbly nails making them difficult to cut
  • Pain or discomfort, particularly when wearing socks and shoes.

If left untreated, the surrounding skin may become red, swollen, cracked and itchy.
Fungal nail infections are particularly common in people who:

  • Wear shoes without socks (which causes your feet to get hot and sweaty)
  • Don’t change their socks daily
  • Walk around barefoot in places where fungal infections can spread easily – such as a locker room
  • Don’t keep their feet warm and dry
  • Have certain health conditions including diabetes and a weakened immune system

It can be a tempting ‘quick fix’ to cover the offending nail with coloured polish, but this will only serve to mask the problem.  It is essential that you seek medical advice in order to tackle the issue effectively and here at Total Foot Health we have exactly the right expertise to help.  Remember, without treatment your fungal nail infection:

  • Won’t get better
  • Could spread to other nails
  • Could spread to other people

Don’t delay – call us on 01722 340057 today. 


A Alternative to Swift Microwave Treatment for Stubborn Verrucae

Warts and verrucae are harmless growths on the surface of the skin that both come from the same human papillomavirus (HPV).  A verruca is a wart on your foot.  Warts and verrucae sit on the outer layers of the skin where they are undetected by the body’s immune system.  This is why they can be so difficult to treat.


Why treat verrucae? 

Although harmless, verrucae can be painful if they appear on a pressure point.  They can also be unsightly and, furthermore, they are highly contagious which means that you are putting your family and friends at risk of catching them from you – even if you do mainly cover your feet.

What is Needling? 

Needling is a treatment for stubborn verrucae that have proven to be resilient to over-the-counter topical solutions.  With an 80% success rate, it is a comparable alternative to the popular Swift Microwave Treatment.  Under local anaesthetic, a sterile needle is used to push the verrucae into the deeper layers of the skin.  This implants the virally affected cells into the tissue which, in turn, triggers the body’s immune system. 

How long does it take to recover from the procedure?  

As this procedure is done under local anaesthetic, you will need to rest the foot afterwards until you have regained complete feeling.  This usually takes between 2 to 4 hours.  Please arrange for someone to collect you after your treatment.

Your foot will be dressed after the procedure and we recommend that you change the dressing after 3 days.  A new dressing will be provided by your podiatrist.  Please bear in mind that this will add an element of bulk to your foot so you may be limited in your choice of footwear.  We recommend that you refrain from any strenuous activity or sport until the wound has dried out.  This can take up to a week.

Once dried, the lesion will look like a dry blood blister and most patients experience little, if any, discomfort.

Who is it suitable for? 

Whilst most people could be considered as suitable candidates for Needling, it is a particularly beneficial treatment for patients who have a low tolerance to pain as it is carried out under local anaesthetic.  It could also be considered for patients who have a significant amount of verrucae on the same foot or for those who have not had a successful outcome from other invasive procedures.  It could also be recommended for patients who have time restrictions as it usually only involves one round of treatment (plus follow up appointments).

If you would like any more information or would like to book an appointment, please call us on 01722 340057.

TOTAL FOOT HEALTH – We are here to help, warts and all



We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Billington is now offering Reflexology appointments.

This popular and gentle therapy uses varying degrees of pressure on particular points along your feet to help to alleviate common symptoms of many different conditions. 

Although a complementary therapy that should be used alongside conventional medical care, it has proven to be very effective.  Notable benefits include:

  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Enhanced nerve function
  • Boosted immune system
  • Better sleep quality

Please call us on 01722 340057 for more information or to book an appointment.