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If your (child’s) feet could speak, what would they say?

Do you check your children’s feet

Whilst it is likely that your child would tell you if there were any issues, you could actually avoid a lot of unnecessary discomfort and pain by looking for visual changes before they become a bigger problem.

One of the most common ailments to look out for are verrucae. The NHS would argue that no intervention is required as they should eventually disappear on their own.  There are statistics to support this argument but it is worth noting that it can take years for this to happen.

Verrucae are also highly infectious which means that the chances of other members of your family catching them are greatly increased when they are not treated.

Furthermore, they can cause significant discomfort if they develop on a weight bearing part of the foot.
Other unpleasant symptoms may include itching and bleeding as well as being unsightly and, in certain image conscious children/teenage circles, taboo.

Here at Total Foot Health we offer a pain free verrucae treatment especially designed for children and superior to any OTC cryotherapy.
We strongly recommend that you start checking your little one’s feet on a regular basis – and call us on 01722 340057 if you have any concerns. 

A new verruca is much easier to eliminate and is less likely to infect others.


People have been making these resolutions for hundreds of years (and using them as an excuse for ‘bad’ behaviour in the weeks leading up to 1st January).

Whilst some may consider them to be a waste of time, Total Foot Health feels that no harm can come from reflecting upon ways of improving your life and setting yourself realistic and positive goals for the year ahead. 


If you haven’t been active for a while you might want to consider starting off slowly.  January is international ‘Walk Your Dog Month’ which is a great way to begin your journey to a fitter and healthier you…

Not only are there the obvious benefits that regular exercise offers but being outside in the fresh air also boosts your mental health.

Or perhaps you are more active and enjoy running or cycling? 

Or maybe you’re a climber? Whatever your preferred form of exercise might be we want to make you aware that we are here to support you before, during and after.

When we start a new exercise regime we become susceptible to aches and pains.  If these last longer than expected, it could be an indication the intervention is required. 

At Total Foot Health:

  • We offer 60 minute Biomechanical Assessment for patients who have encountered any issues during exercise.
  • We have a Sports Rehabilitation Specialist who can improve the overall dynamic function of your body and ensure the best possible balance between stabilisation and flexibility in order to optimise performance.
  • We have a team of experienced Podiatrists who are always available for any other foot conditions that may be impeding your ability to fulfil your New Year’s Resolutions.
Call us today on 01722 3400057 to take your first steps towards a fitter and healthier YOU.


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(An honest review)

We totally understand why people choose to delay or even avoid a partial nail ablation (PNA) if possible.  The very thought of having surgery is enough to unnerve the most stoic of people.

Video Gait analaysis 1

Yes, your Podiatrist may be able to trim your ingrown toe nail to give you instant relief – but as it is only a temporary measure, both the financial implications and associated surgical anxiety are unnecessarily prolonged.

One of the more successful approaches is a PNA with phenol. 

But what really happens during the procedure?  Whilst I haven’t had the surgery myself, I have observed what happens while assisting our highly experienced Podiatrists.

After the required paperwork has been dealt with your Podiatrist will make sure you are comfortable before commencing.  Most people choose not to watch the procedure so your Podiatrist will set up his or her workstation to accommodate your preferences. Remember, nothing will be done without your express agreement or consent and you will be listened to throughout the procedure.

The local anaesthetic will be injected into your toe and starts to take effect within minutes but your Podiatrist will always test its efficacy before commencing.  Once happy that the toe is completely numb, a torniquet (tight band) is applied and your nail is partially removed according to your individual requirements before phenol is applied to prevent regrowth.  This part of the procedure takes less than 10 minutes.

Your toe will then be expertly dressed in a way to ensure your utmost comfort whilst eliciting sympathy and awe from all that you may encounter.  What’s not to love – no more pain and discomfort from your ingrown toenail and admiration from your friends and loved ones.  Don’t delay, call 01722 340057 today.

(Our ALL INCLUSIVE PNA package includes the surgery, dressings to take home and follow up appointments.  Please remember that you will NOT be able to drive after the procedure so you will need to make alternative arrangements to get home).



…  Due to popular demand we are delighted to announce that we are our reopening our Home Visit appointments for housebound patients

Patients MUST be housebound due to ill health or mobility issues. 

We always prefer our patients to come into our clinic to see us if at all possible as we have a greater range of equipment and expertise at our disposal.

There are a limited number of home visit appointments available so please contact us on 01722 340057 as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.