Are you seeking a solution for your toenail problem? Do you have damaged, thickened or deformed toenails?

We are able to offer a nail surgery package for total nail avulsion (TNA) to treat the problem. The all inclusive package includes a 1 hour appointment for the nail surgery, a dressing pack, follow up appointments and the TFH guarantee.

The  entire nail plate is removed under local anaesthetic and to stop the nail re-growing a chemical called phenol is applied to the nail bed. Regrowth of the nail will occur in 5% of cases which will, in all likelihood, require a further procedure to deal with the problem and the TFH guarantee would be invoked. We do not offer surgery to two feet at the same time as our audits show a greatly increased complication rate.

If you would like to discuss your nail problems please contact our reception team who will be able to book you in with one of our HCPC podiatrists to discuss which treatment plan would be best for you.

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