PNA - Partial Nail AblationThe foot surgery that has been performed (under a local anaesthetic) is called a partial (or total) nail ablation.

The operation has carefully removed either one or more small pieces of nail, or the whole nail, from your toe(s) for the treatment of ingrown toenail. The nail bed has been carefully destroyed (ablated) with the chemical phenol. To heal well your toe(s) will need rest and elevation, particularly in the first 24 hours. Keep the first dressing in place overnight.
Your toe may remain numb for up to 6 hours.
Elevating the foot will help to relieve discomfort.
You may take your regular painkillers to relieve any discomfort (follow manufacturer’s instructions).
Slight bleeding, discoloration and drainage are normal.
It is likely that the toe will take 3-4 weeks to settle fully for a partial nail ablation and 6-12 weeks for a total nail ablation.
Remember to keep your next appointment with us to check the toe.


Remove the existing dressing while you shower/bathe. Do not soak in hot water.
STEP 1 Remove the dressing. Clean the surgical site using the wound wash and gauze to gently swab the area. Gently dry using clean gauze, then apply a pea sized amount of Amerigel to the wound.
STEP 2 Loosely apply the larger dressing around the toe with the central pad over the wound.
STEP 3 After all the larger dressings have been used up, change to the smaller dressing.

DO NOT use any other sprays or creams on the toe. This pack has been designed to promote optimum healing following this procedure. It is normal for the wound to be moist and have some discharge during the healing process.  If this becomes excessive please contact TFH. Slight redness around the wound is normal, but if this spreads down the toe please contact TFH. Keep a dressing on at ALL times whilst the wound heals.  This protects it from infection and helps to keep a stable temperature, thus aiding the healing process. This procedure is 95% successful.  In a small number of cases the nail can regrow.

If you have any concerns please contact us immediately

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