The tale of the mysterious disappearing foot pain

Foot Pain

Foot PainLast month Lyndon talked about heel pain and the quite typical story patient’s give us. This proved to be very popular so here is another tale of a common foot pain that our patients present with. Again this may resonate with you or a family member. This is the tale of Morton’s neuroma:

“I have had a very strange pain in my foot that no one seems to be able to diagnose. The problem is whenever I see somebody the pain seems to have gone. The pain only really occurs when I am walking, but it is never predictable. One day I can be in agony the next, whilst doing exactly the same things, perfectly pain free. It is really hard to say where the pain is, but it is somewhere around my toes and the ball of my foot. Do you know what? I have even had to take my shoe off in the middle of the supermarket and wiggle my toes, which gives me some relief for a short time.

When I get home and look at my foot it is entirely normal and I cannot reproduce the pain by pressing on the spot where I think it was. I am sure people do not believe me when I have sought help and they think it is all in my mind.”

To the experts at Total Foot Health this is not an unusual tale and our suspicions would be aroused to the patient having Morton’s neuroma.
This is essentially an intermittently trapped nerve in the foot. The good news is that the team can help the majority of patients with our various treatments. Occasionally surgery is required, but should only be performed once all conservative methods are exhausted.

When you or a friend has a foot problem do not delay in seeking our help as early treatment is likely to save you a lot of trouble.

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