Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth GreenWe are thrilled to be able to tell you that Total Foot Health is coming up to an anniversary. Ten years ago we took on the lease of the ground floor in Brown Street. The team began with myself as the podiatrist, Lyndon the podiatric surgeon, Teresa as Lyndon’s PA and Andrea and Caroline the receptionists. Both of our children were at school. How things have changed!

I am pleased to say that Andrea and Teresa are still with us and we now have Tracey, Becki, David, Elysia, Edward, Catherine and Marie in addition to make a happy, dynamic team of which I am very proud. The children are not too far away in London and enjoying their chosen subjects at university.

I have stopped treating patients, which has enabled me to focus on managing and marketing the business which I thoroughly enjoy, especially the networking. This enables me to meet other local professionals and business people, from whom I learn a lot, it also allows me to spread the word about my passion for podiatry and how we improve our patients’ quality of life. I handed over the clinical reins to a more than capable Edd who has been able to move the gait analysis onto higher levels.

I miss the patient contact, but I really enjoy sitting at the newly designed front desk and chatting to patients old and new.

I also find the weekly clinical meetings (which I believe to be unique in our profession) endlessly fascinating. This is a chance for the clinical team to discuss unusual or challenging cases, and to ensure that we continue to give a high standard of care. We added up the total number of years of clinical experience of the team, it came to 100 years between us! I never cease to be fascinated by the multitude of foot problems which we see, and the solutions which get our patients back on their feet.

I am looking forward to the next ten years of helping our wonderful patients!

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