Voluntary Clinics at Salisbury Hospice

Voluntary clinics at Salisbury Hospice

Voluntary clinics at Salisbury HospiceWe wanted to share some very pleasing news with you – our exciting opportunity to work with the Hospice team based at Salisbury District Hospital, to help some of the most vulnerable people within our community.

Starting in September Elysia and Catherine will be holding a clinic on a monthly basis at the Hospice.

We really like to give something back to our local community and believe this is one of the first initiatives in the UK to combine specialist care from the private sector with the Hospice Charities. The effects of debilitating illness, and many of their treatment drugs, can be devastating on the feet. These can range from dry and constantly cracked skin to nail pathology and ulceration.

We know that both Elysia and Catherine will do a wonderful job at our local Hospice.

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