Team Training Day

Team Training at Total Foot HealthWow! What a great day we spent reviewing the values we have as individuals and as a team on 19 October. The, perhaps not so remarkable thing was we share so many values and they all transfer into an ethical business like Total Foot Health.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to link our two core values of Empathy and Respect into our everyday work with patients, each other, our suppliers and in fact anyone that the business interacts with. Not only that, but these core values have helped us deal fairly and equitably with difficult situations. Using the core values, our aim is to deal with any issues in a way that does not create a culture of blame or denial and will result in a solution that minimises the risk of a problem recurring.

Now we have a further group of values that will help us to refine our systems and practice further.

“What was your number-one value?” I hear you say. Simply put it was FUN. Our team enjoy being part of Total Foot Health and its culture. We enjoy coming to work and look forward to helping our patients and each other in our daily lives.

The whole team pull together to help sort a problem out quickly and effectively. Most of the time things run smoothly and there is an atmosphere of happiness, calm, efficiency and the feeling of a job being well done.

We hope you agree with this even when things go askew.

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