“After 8 years of trying every treatment going, including needling, for the very large painful verrucae on both feet I came to Total Foot Health. The team at TFH were dedicated in helping me and persisted with treatment in a caring and professional manner. They made me feel they were in it with me, and weren’t going to give up, where everyone else had. After all these years of suffering pain and feeling self-conscious about my verrucae, the Swift treatment finally got rid of them with the effects seen even after the first session. After three sessions they have completely gone, which is such a huge relief. To be able to walk around as normal and walk around the pool on holiday free from verrucae was fantastic.
The treatment is quite painful for a very short period of time, but 100% worth it for the amazing results. I would absolutely recommend this treatment, and Total Foot Health, to anyone with persistent verrucae. I am grateful for the teams’ dedication and persistence!

Thank you very much particularly to Elysia and all the team.”

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