Stitch in time saves 9

Plantar Faciitis

Plantar FaciitisWhen it comes to foot pain there isn’t much the team at Total Foot Health haven’t seen. From the rare and exotic to the common problems they have all limped through our doors for a solution – gladly we are able to help in the vast majority of cases, helping to make happy feet and happy patients.

Whenever we see a patient we take a history of their problem and this story will give us most of the clues we need in starting to solve our patient’s problems. Here is a typical story, (could this be you?), of someone who complains of foot pain in the following way:

“I have got this pain in my arch and heel; it’s been there for months. It only hurts when I walk on it but the maddening thing is that the pain is so much worse after a rest. First thing in the morning I limp like Long John Silver. If I do a long car journey I can barely walk when I get out. Now it’s affecting other parts of my foot and leg. Nothing seems to help!”

Well this is a story we hear surprisingly often. The patient’s pain is usually caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis and can affect one in 10 adults. No wonder we are experts at treating it!

When a patient contacts us with this story we need to ask a few questions to ensure we get them to see the right person. If it’s a fairly recent problem that is perhaps sore rather than painful then we recommend seeing our podiatrists.

When a patient has had the problem for six months or more and has often seen multiple professionals; or if they have a lot of pain, we will organise a musculoskeletal appointment which will include diagnostic ultrasound. This allows us to “look inside” the foot to either confirm or deny serious injury to the plantar fascia and surrounding tissues.

When there are multiple treatment options available it is important for us to understand just why your problem has arisen. It is only then we will be able to find the right prescription of treatment specific to the individual.

When you or a friend has a foot problem, do not delay in seeking our help. As the old saying goes: “A stitch in time saves nine” early treatment is likely to save you a lot of trouble.

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