Reception upgrade

Reception at Total Foot Health

Reception at Total Foot HealthDuring the team training day, when all our clinics were shut, we took the opportunity to make a few changes to the reception area.

Daily the reception desk became a pinch point to patient flow as we only had space with the old layout for one receptionist to effectively work at the front of house. You may have noticed this yourself.

Designed by Annie and Becky- who after all have the best knowledge of how the reception area could work, the new layout has a longer desk area for two people to work simultaneously. This allows us to meet and greet our patients prior to their appointments as well as rebooking and taking payments once an appointment is finished.

DIY this was not, as it necessitated relocation of telephone, computer and electrics as well as modification of our current desk.

Many thanks to Jamie of Bourne Valley Electrical Services for carrying out the work exactly as we wanted.  There was an added bonus – Jamie was incredibly tidy and thoroughly deserved his extra tea and cake brought to him at break times!

Delivering quality care was a big theme of the training day and this change to our layout will give us a physical space and capacity to do this. Look out for other upgrades over the next few months.

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