Product of the Month – Shoe Horn

Shoe HornsOne of the things guaranteed to destroy even the best shoes way before they lose their structure is to continually force your heel into the back of the shoe. This applies, in our experience as both clinicians and parents, to children and teenagers. As we get older it does get more difficult to reach down and use a finger to ease the heel into the shoe.

The answer is, of course, to use a shoe horn and who doesn’t love the feeling of decadence of the shop assistant helping you on with that shoe the very first time you try it? It is all well and good having a traditional shoe horn to help, but you have to be pretty flexible to use it well. At TFH we do have the answer in the form of our long handled version in a bright colour so it will never be lost. I must admit I (Lyndon) have also been known to use mine as a handy back scratcher!

We try and keep them in plain sight in reception and every clinic room has one for use in action. We would be delighted to supply these for use at home – you only have to ask. The small investment will help keep your shoes doing the very best job for you.

At TFH we do have the answer

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