Soft Tissue Mobilisation (STM) is an intervention to help with injuries in the foot and lower leg. Tissues can get stressed or strained by being enclosed in shoes and through everyday walking on flat hard surfaces.

Soft Tissue Mobilisation is achieved by using isolated movements of soft tissue fibres, muscular or ligamentous, with the intention of improving circulation, restoring flexibility and fibre alignment. As the movement occurs this reduces any tension in the muscles and ligaments restoring and improving function of the tissues post-injury or post-surgery.

Soft tissue mobilisation is a gentle treatment and can help improve the function of various lower limb conditions, including Achilles tendonopathies, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and most muscular and ligamentous injuries, leading to improved foot postural control.

STM helps following surgery to reduce swelling and to release painful ‘knots’ in calf muscles. Careful palpation and massage is used to relax the tension in the fascia, enhance local circulation and improve neurological response. An added benefit is that it feels very relaxing and optimises recovery.

Restoration of movement leads to improved mobility whether for everyday life or for high energy activity.

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