Diabetic foot checkThe importance of maintaining healthy feet in diabetes cannot be over estimated. It is our intention at Total Foot Health to help our patients prevent the foot complications of diabetes. We can do this every time you visit us as a diabetic foot check will be undertaken at each appointment. An annual assessment should, however, be carried out each year as it will enable us to identify potential problems before you become aware of them. These two types of diabetic foot examination are described in detail below.

If you or any of your family and friends suffer from diabetes we would urge you to contact us to book an annual diabetic foot assessment.

Diabetic Foot AssessmentDIABETIC FOOT CHECK (brief foot check)

At Total Foot Health, we complete a diabetes foot check as part of every podiatry appointment you have with us. This helps us to closely monitor your foot health across the year.

Diabetes UK recommends all patients with diabetes receive a minimum of a foot check at least once a year. The foot check (or foot screening) is a brief examination that involves checking the pulses and feeling in your feet, after which you are advised on your risk of developing diabetes related foot problems.

DIABETIC FOOT ASSESSMENT (thorough foot examination)

The diabetic foot check is only a brief examination that tells you your approximate risk of developing serious foot problems. We recommend that all patients with diabetes should have a thorough foot assessment with us once a year. Having the assessment can help us to identify potential problems earlier and guide more effective treatment. The diabetes foot assessment appointment lasts 1 hour and includes the basic foot check, plus;

  • Enhanced neurological examination to assess and monitor any diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Enhanced vascular examination to monitor the blood supply to your feet
  • Static plantar pressure analysis with a pressure plate to reveal any areas of high pressure that could lead to problems
  • Appropriate advice on how to prevent foot problems developing

Pressure plate scan

  • Up to 30 minutes of podiatry treatment to treat any problems (e.g. nail care, corns and callus)
  • A can of Allpresan diabetic foot foam
  • Appropriate onward referral if required
  • A detailed report sent to your GP (a copy is sent to you for your records)

To book your diabetic foot assessment please call us on 01722 340057

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