In order to keep your feet in good condition it is important to spend a little time looking after them each day. The benefit of this will be evident very quickly as your skin quality improves and the feet are then able to cope with the demands of everyday life helping to prevent many common problems.

Simply Feet foot creamFollow our Four Point Plan for Healthy Feet and we guarantee that you will feel an improvement in just a few days.

Step one may sound too simple to be true! Wash your feet with a mild soap and warm water daily. It is important to wash and dry between the toes as this is a very common area to develop cracks and athlete’s foot infection.

The use of a moisturising cream following washing is very important as this will nourish and protect your skin, although you may need to use different types of cream for different areas of your skin. Research and clinical experience shows us that creams containing urea have a much better hydrating effect. As such at Total Foot Health we carry a full range of creams and balms to meet your particular requirements.

Foot files by Total Foot HealthCHECKING FEET
Whilst applying moisturising cream it is a good time to check the feet for signs of damage or underlying problems such as corns, callous, skin splits or foot infections. If you become concerned about the state of your feet then you should seek help as soon as possible.  Remember foot pain is not normal and you do not need to suffer. Our podiatrists at Total Foot Health will have the answer to your problem, getting you mobile and pain free quickly and efficiently.

Keeping your toenails in good order is also very important to help avoid problems such as ingrowing toenails. Keep your nails trimmed and avoid sharp or rough edges. The use of a good quality file is invaluable in this respect.

The general rule is to trim your toenails across the toe, following the slight curve of the end of the toe. It is NOT a good idea to delve deeply into the sides as this is an easy way to cause infections or ingrowing nail problems. If the shape of the nail is very awkward or thick then it is worth filing the nail on a regular basis to help prevent problems.

If you are struggling to cut those awkward or very thick nails then let us know. We will have the clinical equipment and experience to deal with the problem. We can also teach you how best to look after the nails and offer permanent solutions if simple care is not enough to keep you comfortable and pain free.

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