Walking boots are a big investment so it is worth taking time to ensure that you get the best pair for you:

  • Always buy in the afternoon when your feet are slightly bigger.
  • Go to a specialist shop.
  • Buy a good pair of specialist running socks first. Ones with lightweight wool are the best.
  • Sizing – you will need at least a size bigger than your normal shoes. If you wear, for instance, a size 6 in normal shoes, you will need at least a size 7 or maybe a 7.5 in a waking boot. This allows at least a finger’s width between your toes and the end of the boot.
  • Put on the socks, then try on both boots and do them up snugly, but not too tight. Walk around the shop and, preferably, walk down the slope which they should have available. If the boots feel tight, or if they slip on the heels, or if you can feel your toes pressing on the leather of the boots DO NOT BUY THE BOOTS! If the shop suggests that you ”put an insole in them” do not do this – the boots will never fit.
  • The right boots should feel REALLY comfortable in the shop, but check that you can return them if they are not right when you wear them around the house.
  • If they feel good around the house, it should be fine to start wearing them outside for short walks. Wear them in slowly and build up to the big walks.
  • You should now have a pair of boots which you LOVE and will want to wear on every walk you do!


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