Chamber Lunch Presentation

Salisbury Chamber of Commerce

Salisbury Chamber of Commerce

In June Total Foot Health sponsored the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce Business Lunch. This allowed Elizabeth to present a 20 minute educational talk on ‘5 Fascinating Facts about Feet’ to the group of 45 local business men and women. As podiatry is a very small profession and not well publicised, our marketing is aimed at educating everyone about how much we can help you to keep on your feet.

The 5 Fascinating Facts covered were ‘corns do not have roots’, ‘bunions are not growths on your feet’, ‘athlete’s foot is not just between your toes,’ ‘verrucae are caused by a virus’ and ‘what plantar fasciitis is’. It was very well received and prompted questions from the audience.

Salibsury Chamber of Commerce

If you would like more information on any of the above topics, ask your podiatrist when you next come in to see us.

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