New Platinum Package - Ankle Braces

Ankle Brace by Total Foot Health

Ankle Brace by Total Foot Health

At Total Foot Health we are proud to be one of the few practices to offer custom made ankle braces. These can improve the mobility of people who suffer with many conditions such as foot drop, stroke and multiple sclerosis. Modern braces are designed to help get back, and improve, lost mobility as well as to reduce the risk of falls.

We have two main options available to us. The Richie brace which is an in-shoe ankle brace with incorporated orthotic to help support the foot. The TurboMed FS 3000 which is like an external exoskeleton that fits outside the shoe and helps put the spring back in your stride, very much like the blades used by the athletes at the Paralympics.

Unlike old style bracing, which locks the foot and ankle into a single position, both systems help to improve function of the foot and ankle.


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