Work Experience 2017

Work Experience – My Week with Total Foot Health

Work Experience by Total Foot Health

David, Louisa and Catherine

Monday – I was excited to start my week’s work experience with Total Foot Health. I spent the majority of the day with Chris Ball, Rehabilitation Specialist, where I learnt about antagonistic muscles and how important the glute muscles are. I was surprised how a treatment enabled the patient’s leg to move a lot further. I also sat in with David Owens, which gave me a taster to podiatry.

Tuesday – I observed podiatry with Catherine Casey and helped by taking photos of the patients’ feet, which is done so they can see treatment progress. I learnt the difference between corns, callous and bunions. I observed an ultrasound scan of the foot undertaken by the practice musculoskeletal podiatrist, Edward Henstridge. A full explanation of the image followed.

Wednesday – I observed: a patient follow up with Edward and the patient was then discharged; further podiatry with Catherine; an ultrasound guided injection where I saw the fluid (corticosteroid) from the injection appear on the screen. I helped deliver leaflets about home visits which Total Foot Health now offers.

Thursday – Edward undertook a video gait analysis and another ultrasound scan. I am beginning to understand what I can see on an ultrasound image. A casting of a foot for insoles followed and then a post-op review. I assisted with cutting a patient’s insoles.

Friday – David performed a Swift microwave verruca treatment for a patient. I got to see an ingrown toe nail with a bit of infection and observed Catherine and David performing nail surgery (total nail ablation) which was really interesting. A different verruca treatment with acid was my final observation. Throughout my week I also saw how the reception team worked.

“Due to the willingness of the patients and team at Total Foot Health who let me observe, I was given the best opportunity to understand what podiatry is as a whole. I have learnt about different conditions which included prevention, treatments and reasons why they occur. I have also started to understand ultrasound image and the importance of having equal flexibility and muscles. I have most definitely enjoyed my week and would undoubtedly recommend Total Foot Health as a work experience placement. mThank you for a great week.” Louisa.

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